Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mud. Mud. Everywhere is mud!

Last month, we had a huge drop of snow. I even blogged about it. It was wonderful. It has melted.
Now that snow is replaced with mud.
 Hey, I've been on this earth a time and am not new to mud. We used to play in it as a kid.
 So I've been wondering why I'm so intune to it these days.
 The ground is spongy. Soft. Squishy.  Why does this intrigue me so?

 Then it struck me. In the middle of a step.

 I'm walking on the ground. The earth. The dirt.
 Not the sidewalk. Not the road. Not some man made ground cover. But the earth.
Just like this creature. (what is this creature print by our front door? It's huge!)
Having just moved from living in the middle of a large city for 20 years, I was walking on the earth. 
There's lots of it here in our little piece of nature and town. Often times, there are only sidewalks on one side of the street. You walk on the dirt. 
And after a melted dump of snow or a rain, the earth is soft. And muddy.
But it's all a moot point today. Because today....

 We're having some of this!
What's happening where you are?

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  1. We don't have as much mud as you do...but the snow has just begun! Pretty!