Monday, July 29, 2013

In the Garden

For my record keeping for next year...
July 29, 2013
As you may have previously read here, our little garden had a haphazard start. 
Planting only what the deer wouldn't eat.
The two trees in the garden are pin cherries. More on those later when they grow.
 Turns out, that's only garlic! But since the fence, I've been adding things where ever there is space.
 As such, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  Like the pumpkin and squash plants 
planted with the kale and fava beans
Potatoes are doing very well. Note to self: leave more space in between next year.
 Peas are finally starting to grow. Not a good start with the deer.
Next year will be so awesome.
 And the collards and cucumber will not be so close together.
 All in all, I'm very content with my first year of gardening. I love going out in the evenings after supper and weeding and watering before the mosquitoes get me.
 In a week or so, I'll be coming out this way for another reason. 
This space will become our chicken yard!
We'll extend the fence and build a chicken run.
We just got a coop this evening for free! Just a few adaptations and we're good to go.
 You're still here?
I harvested my first thing today.
Curly kale.
 To make Caldo Verde. A portuguese green soup!
Soak the leaves in water so the buggies come to the top. I had one little green worm. Proud of that.
Roll the leaves together, cut them very small. These are a little too thick, according to my husband. 
(He still ate it though.)
 Boil the potatoes until they are almost mushy. I helped these along with my masher.
 Add the kale for the last 7-8 minutes.
Add some salt and olive oil. It's also common to eat it with sliced chirizo in the soup. 
A very nutritious and delicious soup. 

have a good one,

Friday, July 26, 2013

how have you been?

Well Howdy!
It's been a long time since I've had a day to sew. Still haven't had a full one, but the little bits in the past few days feels good.
Here's some of what all has been going on between entertaining overnight guests 
and travelling to the city.
We have 2 more fawns! They were very skittish. I scared them away. Hope they come back soon. 
My deer fence is great. 
The garden is finally growing and the deer are still finding stuff to eat on our grounds.
 Who thinks my shaggy surfer boy should get a haircut? It looks like this most days after I pick him up from sailing school. When it dries, it has honest to goodness ringlets! I told him that any longer and it would be like a girl! :}
 This week also saw us attending a baptism for 2 of our younger friends.
 A genuine dunk 'em in the lake baptism.
 As the onlookers watched.
 Even the occasional downpour and mist didn't dull this happy atmosphere. Really, how many people get to tell this kind of story?
 Oh, did you come for some crafting? I made a trip to Lunenburg to pick up some new wool felt from 
the Lunenburg Makery. I love me some new, bright coloured felt!
 some new hairclips for the market.
Did you know that I now sell lemonade at the market too?! and iced tea.
 Basket of Monstys.
 And a new one in the works...
 Just a bit more tweaking!
Better get back at it. Have a great weekend.
The focus this here will be the Canadian National Championships, here in our own little town!
Most exciting to host our Ontario friends and maybe a few Quebecers too!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Founder's Day, Take 2.

Well, it's been one year since we've moved to this lovely town and this new life.
I feel we've fit in well. There is so much to do for us and the kids. 

One of the first tourist drawing gigs in town for the season is Founder's Day Festivities.
This year is the 30th anniversary.

In honour of that, I present to you.. the post I did last year

It's interesting to see how we've become a part of the town and the kids look forward to the new activities they did last year, but now it's old hat. And the people, we know a lot more of them now. I even did the Farmer's Market this morning as a vendor instead of a visitor like last year.

The kids are bugging me to get back down there. Must soak it all in. It's a beauty of a day out there!
Hope you find some happy in your weekend.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A new kind of craft

Craft Beer!
The only thing I'm crafting these days is sore feet.
Bottling line where the labels get put on.
 Nice neat rows of flats and skids.
 Our makeshift filling station.
 Ah, All done! Well, only half of it, so we'll be back at it tomorrow.
Here's hoping the heat breaks.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Art of Hand Craft in Le Village Historique Acadien

Yesterday, I played tourist with visiting friends from Ontario. Since the fella has roots in French NB, we visited the Acadian Village about 40 minutes from here in Pubnico, NS

Lovely view.
 One of the first buildings you come to is a house. What struck me about this house is all the hand work. Thusly, this post shall be about the Art of Hand craft in this village.
 Not much to say, it's a heavy photo post with cell phone quality. But such great things to admire.
 Loving the colours in the yo yo quilt.
 Spinning wheel
 Work in progress
 Liking the bed cover on this one.
A few hours put in here...

 There were quite a few braided rugs on the floors.
 This one was by far the largest
 Two smaller ones.
Baby crib quilt

 another great view

 Blacksmith shop
 love the pad on the rocking chair. 
 Look at that hand crank sewing machine. Wonder how frustrating it would be?
Rug hooking

 I believe this couple had 12 children. Or was it 16? It took 21 years. the baby slept in their room. There must have ALWAYS been a baby. The man's 2 sisters lived there to help with the children. It's a 4 room house!!
 Trying to keep all their feet warm must have been a full time job!
 Building a dory. The dory builder from here, Shelburne, is going down next week to help them put this together.

 We got a great demonstration of this fella knitting a herring net.

 Had to throw this in here. It's an anchor called, Killick. They were used in Newfoundland also.
 And I'm loving this fence to protect the chickens. I'm sure the deer would have problem jumping this fence! Maybe I'll trim all the aalder bushes we cut down this year to make one of these.
So that's a little tour of the village. A pleasant afternoon with a cooler breeze than Shelburne and a picnic on the lawns. 
Look it up. It's worth it.