Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adventures in screen printing

Well, it's been almost 1 year since we moved here
And the brewery had a soft opening on Saturday.
I was to silkscreen shirts for the merchandise table.
First up....
Read up on some tutorials on screen printing from one of my favourite blogs.
Mix the right colour orange.
 Mask off the screen. 
 Test print on some jersey fabric.
 Only took 3 tries to get the feel for it.
 Do it on the black shirts.
You can't do water based inks on black. 
Nope. No can do. It sucked.
 Now we have to figure something else out.
But the screen is fantastic. We have many more things to screen on it. 
Next week, I'm going to make some growler bags to hold these babies! 

And I'll be screen printing those for sure!

If you have any hints or tips for screen printing, I'm up for the advice. Especially doing a bunch in a row. I couldn't get a good rhythm and worried about the paint drying in between. See, I need help. But I'm willing to learn.

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