Monday, July 29, 2013

In the Garden

For my record keeping for next year...
July 29, 2013
As you may have previously read here, our little garden had a haphazard start. 
Planting only what the deer wouldn't eat.
The two trees in the garden are pin cherries. More on those later when they grow.
 Turns out, that's only garlic! But since the fence, I've been adding things where ever there is space.
 As such, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  Like the pumpkin and squash plants 
planted with the kale and fava beans
Potatoes are doing very well. Note to self: leave more space in between next year.
 Peas are finally starting to grow. Not a good start with the deer.
Next year will be so awesome.
 And the collards and cucumber will not be so close together.
 All in all, I'm very content with my first year of gardening. I love going out in the evenings after supper and weeding and watering before the mosquitoes get me.
 In a week or so, I'll be coming out this way for another reason. 
This space will become our chicken yard!
We'll extend the fence and build a chicken run.
We just got a coop this evening for free! Just a few adaptations and we're good to go.
 You're still here?
I harvested my first thing today.
Curly kale.
 To make Caldo Verde. A portuguese green soup!
Soak the leaves in water so the buggies come to the top. I had one little green worm. Proud of that.
Roll the leaves together, cut them very small. These are a little too thick, according to my husband. 
(He still ate it though.)
 Boil the potatoes until they are almost mushy. I helped these along with my masher.
 Add the kale for the last 7-8 minutes.
Add some salt and olive oil. It's also common to eat it with sliced chirizo in the soup. 
A very nutritious and delicious soup. 

have a good one,

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