Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mollie Makes US edition!!!

I was so excited to see this at the Long Thread That I went ahead and ordered it. Right away!

Yee-haw. I sparingly bought the UK version because 1) it was over $$$ and 2) I don't live in the city anymore. When I did get to a Chapters store, there were none left.

So am I excited? Yes. It's cheaper and now it can be delivered to my home. I know I could have gotten the digital version, but I am a paper in hand kinda girl.

Bring on the eye candy.

Mollie Makes


  1. I am a subscriber now too! Can't wait to receive my first issue!

  2. Oh, I totally missed this on The Long Thread! I subscribed digitally for a few years, but let it expire.. because I haven't been reading my digital editions (many of which I can now get FREE from the Toronto Public Library -- seriously -- digital copied free -- no catch -- strange). I think that I just might subscribe to this print edition. Although I really like how the UK edition comes with cute little freebies.....