Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a doll for Ava

A few weeks ago, I got an order to make a doll for a 1 year old.
Luckily, I had just found the extra Waldorf doll body I purchased when I made the doll for Neve. 

What fun. 
I'm always nervous to create a character. I find that mostly, the character defines itself.
The order was for blue eyes and red/orange hair.
I set about for the eyes and some clothes.
 We don't have any fancy yarn shops in town, so I saved up my shopping list for a trip to 
What a treat! you should go.
I couldn't find orangey wool, 
so I got this.
I love it!!
 I used the 3 layer technique from here and then added an extra few strands to the top front. 
I purposely chose the orangey tones for the front of the face.
And I changed the eye colour and shape. The other eyes were creeping me out. :}
 Fun FUn FUN

 Here she is in some pjs. I also made another pant suit, but have misplaced the top. 
I mean, really!!!! Where is it? I'm so absent minded. It will show up in the most unusual place, I'm sure, as I've already checked the obvious places. Maybe it's with my wedding rings that I recall taking off in the middle of the night trip to the washroom. I remember putting them in a safe place while going back to the bedroom. Really safe, for sure. 
And the long lost, good sunglasses that I misplaced last fall? FOUND by Rafael. Out by the stick pile. They spent the winter outdoors, under the snow. 
Anyhow, I digress....
 Here she is with the Neve Doll made in 2011. Neve is an 18 inch doll and Ava is a 13 inch doll.
The girls are having a slumber party. 
Hope they go to sleep early and don't make a mess in the bedroom with their popcorn.

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