Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Craft Fair circuit

With 3 out of 4 craft fairs done, I am ready to take a break today.
And of course, taking the time to say hello to you is on the top of my list!

This table set up was at the Ingomar sale. 
Jam packed on a 5 foot table.
I can confidently say that most things on this table are gawn.

For some reason, I don't have a picture of my sale at the Fire Hall, so I move on to the sale at The Grand Hotel in Yarmouth.
Sorry for the fuzzy... I cleaned my lens after this.
I can confidently say, that most things on this table are available.
Weird show.. Widely advertised and attended, but not a lot of buying. hmm?

 I needed a break from sweater sewing one day, so I played around with cashmere scarves.
Voila... hot water bottle covers. love em
 These cashmere infant hats are soo soft and adorable.
Like my balloon display?

Basket of mittens from sales ago. 
All gone, but I do have more. Of course.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little kid section.
Those puppets please me.
And working with the felt in hair clips and tooth fairy bags. niiice

My first batch of stockings. gawn

My second batch. All available

And amongst the Christmas making, I got to make this little one for a new wee one in the world.

With a reversible dress.

One more craft sale on FRIDAY, at the Lockeport Pavillion 12-4
I will have a few more things added. Hopefully with a kid focus.

For a more up to date view of what I am doing,

ta ta for now....

Monday, November 2, 2015

look! it's not mittens!

After 2 weeks of sewing mittens, I needed a break.
So I made a few more infant hats.

And some Christmas Stockings!

What a nice change
 Some have the same on the front and back, and some have a solid back

There are more sweaters pulled for making today. 

And now for the obligatory, albeit somewhat not up to standard, photos of Halloween costumes

And the adults who borrowed heavily from the kid costume box.

My husband and I would have won the best couple award, but I went home at midnight to relieve the babysitter. So they gave him the best male. My little badge says, "he's a keeper" HA! get it!

Hope all is well where you are..