Friday, December 13, 2013

1st Snow Day of the school year.

Unbeknownst to this household and maybe many more in this area.. this happened overnight.
 They are predicting a big snow dump on Sunday. 
 So this, Day 3 of snow in a row, was a surprise.
 A no school day surprise.
A "Guess I won't be driving to the city today", surprise.

But the best part..

 Oh, and this...
Chicken in the crock pot with homemade BBQ sauce, and chicken in the soup pot for lunch. 

Have a good one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


How is it where you are?
This is what we woke up to.
Nice isn't it?
This kind of snow is what I call "movie snow".
It means it's warm enough to play in.

This year, the spirit of Christmas is being sponsored by my 7 year old daughter, Neve.

 She created this little display. Cute.
The kids are wearing their fuzzy Santa hats everywhere. She is singing Christmas carols constantly and is learning a few on the piano.
 Secrets are being whispered to the elves. The kids were disappointed one day when the elves were suspended from a disco ball in the living room. They couldn't touch them and the elves were too high to talk to.
 I got some socks made to donate to the kids' school for a raffle.

Sadly, there weren't enough ugly Christmas sweaters in my travels this year. 
Guess they've caught on for all those "Ugly Christmas Sweater" parties.

If you're local or in town, pop over to the Gallery 138 shop on Water street, next to the Bistro 138.
Some nice stuff there for someone on your shopping list.

And one of my favourite small town moments..

 Mail for the kids without any address on it. 
It was a thank you for them playing the bells, tictoc blocks and whip in the Hand bell Choir selections at a concert. I don't think I have a picture. hmm, just a video. It was our 2nd year participating and it was lovely.

Today, there is no school, Parent-teacher interviews. 
There is fresh snow, sunshine, kids who are self entertained- at the moment- and a sewing list that has to be addressed. 

Looking forward to a slower paced day.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

of things burlap-ed

I'm in a decorating mood. A Christmas decorating mood.
But in orange. No reds or greens here. 
I'm decorating the brewery in burlap, doilies, silver and orange. Lots of orange.
These jars will hold tea lights.
 Stairs wrapped in burlap, silver ribbon and glitter balls. 
The stockings are made from grain sacks. 
That's only a little example of other plans I have for grain sacks. Can't wait to have time to do them.
 And on the tree..
Burlap wrapped balls... white Linen wrapped balls and orange too.
 Snowflake wool hearts... burlap and orange ones too.
 Burlap and doily stars
Oh, I forgot to show the burlap bunting. 
But more pics will follow. With a proper camera, in proper light. When it's all done. 
A few more touches and it will be good.

I also made this little canvas for an art auction at the art centre.
It's a great, fun fundraiser.
How it works: 
You buy 2 canvasses for $10.
Decorate them as you wish.
Once they are displayed, they are for sale for $25 each. the artist gets $10 back and the centre gets $15.
Ones unsold are returned to the owner.
It was a lot of fun to do and to see all the canvasses, trying to guess who painted what.
Various levels of talent and various mediums.

That's it for now,