Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP ( works in Progress)

WOW! Did you get hit by the bug?
Everyone in town that i know has been touched by the bug. Everyone!!
I didn't even escape it, but the boys in our house did. Still waiting for it to hit them.
So yesterday, my day to be vertical, but not in full motion, I finally started this project which has been living in my brain since I saw it many months ago.
EEKK!!! Can you believe it? I've been following Mimi's Blog for many years now. And to actually get some of the secrets of construction.. like the hair and limbs. Priceless.
This is a project of process, not the end result. I'm enjoying sewing slowly instead of cranking it out.

I have many ideas for mittens to come, but with a request to sew toddler mittens, 
I had to fancy it up a bit. 
 i think with the multi layers of the puppet mitten, it will be too small. So I made a single layer cashmere one to see if the stretch will help the fit.
 On the table this week...
Bird Puzzle that is being completed mostly by daddy and Rafael.
 neve's highly anticipated Kiwi Crate finally arrived!
Can I tell you.. it did not disappoint! It is such high quality and great activities in there.
As a crafter, I have to say, the materials are excellent. She went to work straight away.
I bought her and her cousins a 3 month subscription for Christmas. I may have to extend it.
If you buy into it, offer my name when they ask how you heard of it, I think we both get a credit? 

Anyhow, also on the table are the walkie talkies. 
That means the kids have been riding bikes outside. 
We had a very long few days with rain. It makes riding bike much easier to have clear roads. 
But alas, short lived, it's snowing now. 
We'll put the walkie talkies on the charger for another time.

How have you been filling the looming winter days lately?


Sunday, February 16, 2014

a Perfect Stormy Sunday.

Blah weather.
Church was cancelled. Roads were too icy for the priest to come from a neighbouring town.
 Felt like a snow day. 
THEE best snow day, as my husband was home.
He cooked.
 Kids were occupied. Origami was the focus of the day.
I love when you set something out on the table and the kids go back to it during the day.
What else does this table show...
A little guitar playing, movie making and iPad playing. 
Face timing with friends from Toronto. 
 Ooooo, lookie here....
a little sewing. For . Me. First time in a long time.
 The cushion on the left is the original cushion.
The one on the right is a cover. 
 The one below is what I made. 
A little applique. 
To go with the motif on the carpet and in the lamp shade.
 The branch was stitched with the Stretch stitch on A setting. The thread was a silky one.
Right now, DH is working away in the kitchen on turkey dinner. We're having company.
So I must go set up the tables and appetizers.

Maybe later, if I'm lucky, I'll get to work on the heel for these new socks.
 Now that.... THAT was a good Sunday.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick Last Minute Valentine Dessert

SO... feeling like I've not kept up my Valentine-ish status for the kids this year.
I gave them "STORE BOUGHT" valentines to give out. 
I offerend my son, who's 10 and in grade 4 the option of home made or bought. He wanted homemade, but I was in the Valentine Aisle at Target and it was just so easy to pick it up.
So I did. 
His response... "I feel like I'm being cheap by giving store bought ones" He is trained well eh?
Anyhow, they had tattoos in them, so he got over it.

Anyhooo.. Here's a little last minute thing I've whipped up to go along with the store bought fried chicken I'm giving them for supper. Can't win them all kid.

Home made Ice cream. It was requested last week. Here ya go.

 "Strawlbellies" (as my young daughter called them) cut into heart shapes.
 Lined a clear bowl with them.
 Sprayed the bowl with water and put in the freezer to help keep them on the sides.
I don't know if this really worked, as I didn't really keep it in the freezer all that long.
I was just careful when I put the ice cream in. 
 As it just came from the Ice cream maker, it was not solid, so it was easy to put in the bowl.
Maybe it was a little too melty.
 Decorated the top. 
Was thinking after, that if I had turned my strawberries upside down, I could turn the bowl over and remove it from the bowl. Pour a bit of pepper and balsamic vinegar over it and call it done.
Kinda like this one!
But instead, I'm going to make home made hot fudge sauce.
Maybe this one.
Whatever you do...
hope there's chocolate!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Matching Bomber Hat and Mittens

I offered up this set for our Yacht Club's auction.
yeah, too bad about the seam in the back ( the blue stripe not lining up) Does it drive you nuts too?
Lined with the softest cabled cashmere.
Mitts and hat from one sweater. Even the string was from the sleeve. Bonus
oo, the green below is a little brighter than my actual wall. I wanted to show you the bunting from Target. They had some birds and trees that were cool too. Love me some felted wool.
While we're at it.. here is a pic of my newly painted living room.
Soft blue. Pale Sky, as the colour was called. Don't you love my light fixture!?? I'm waiting until the right one comes along. I think the disco balls are enough to distract you from the real gore.
And the piano. There are many different shades of the blue in this room. 
Only one small window, but a few other door openings.
This.. this was a full bowl of popcorn. I ate the whole thing. 
This was the largest bowl of the set. I ate the whole thing. 
My stomach is ill.
The popcorn is the best ever. White kernels from Bulk Barn. No nasty kernels. Pops quickly and is truly white. Except when you pour brown butter all over it. Yum
Timer for the banana bread is calling me.
Have a good one.