Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP ( works in Progress)

WOW! Did you get hit by the bug?
Everyone in town that i know has been touched by the bug. Everyone!!
I didn't even escape it, but the boys in our house did. Still waiting for it to hit them.
So yesterday, my day to be vertical, but not in full motion, I finally started this project which has been living in my brain since I saw it many months ago.
EEKK!!! Can you believe it? I've been following Mimi's Blog for many years now. And to actually get some of the secrets of construction.. like the hair and limbs. Priceless.
This is a project of process, not the end result. I'm enjoying sewing slowly instead of cranking it out.

I have many ideas for mittens to come, but with a request to sew toddler mittens, 
I had to fancy it up a bit. 
 i think with the multi layers of the puppet mitten, it will be too small. So I made a single layer cashmere one to see if the stretch will help the fit.
 On the table this week...
Bird Puzzle that is being completed mostly by daddy and Rafael.
 neve's highly anticipated Kiwi Crate finally arrived!
Can I tell you.. it did not disappoint! It is such high quality and great activities in there.
As a crafter, I have to say, the materials are excellent. She went to work straight away.
I bought her and her cousins a 3 month subscription for Christmas. I may have to extend it.
If you buy into it, offer my name when they ask how you heard of it, I think we both get a credit? 

Anyhow, also on the table are the walkie talkies. 
That means the kids have been riding bikes outside. 
We had a very long few days with rain. It makes riding bike much easier to have clear roads. 
But alas, short lived, it's snowing now. 
We'll put the walkie talkies on the charger for another time.

How have you been filling the looming winter days lately?


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  1. There is no warmth on the horizon here. Can't believe that it is March now, and still going down to -15... I have spent the whole day in bed, trying to hasten my recovery from a nasty cold. Hope that you are better!