Wednesday, March 5, 2014

snow day activities

BOOOOO! Last week we had this:
Today, it looks like this:
And it's another snow day. Wouldn't be so bad, but tomorrow is a PD/Parent Teacher interview day, which means, no school for the kids. 2 days off before March Break next week. Timing folks. Timing.
Anyhow, things were slow this morning.
I've been hit by another massive head cold. Took the life right outta me it did.

I finally cut the ties this morning.
 I tied the ends and then to the one next to it to create a little lip in edge.
I wasn't sure where to put it, but I think it will stay by the wood stove. 
These old knees find it hard to kneel on the floor to stoke the fire.
 Someone else found a good use for it too.
Just the right size. 
I'd like to make a few more of these, but from cut t-shirts.
On the table today...
 Home made playdough. I've made this before, but I can't find it on my old blog. 
When I make it, I add the oil and food colouring to the hot water. 
It makes it a little easier to mix the colour in.
 And a batch of Banana Cookies
 I used the rest of the mix to make a bread.

Must muster up enough energy to run some errands. 
There's a trip to the Flying Fox Bake Shop as a reward to the kids for being dragged along.

have a good one,


  1. My brothers had Meccano in the 50/60's, awesome toy. I must learn the finger knitting and arm knitting things.

  2. Sorry about the snow -- we just got more too :(
    And Boo to the head cold....... I am hoping my disappears tomorrow so I don't have to sleep my March Break away!