Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bunnies in a basket WIP

I spent 2 glorious days in my studio.. playing. Exploring, taking my time. Enjoying the process.
Wanna see what's ready for some hand sewing?

This little one is compliments of Abby at While She Naps, Sophia, the Bunny.
I need to work on the ear positioning. I think it shows more like a yoda or something. 
Ear and eye positioning is very important people!
I used a beaded sack in the bottom as she suggests. It has a nice clunk to it when you put it down, but the stuffing makes it oh so squeezable.
 Next up is Betz White's Cashmere Bunny. I've made this before here with fleece and experimenting with the tail. This soft cashmere version is great. I forgot to show you the ears. It's like the heart. And it will have a little felted wool bead as the tail.
 And lastly, in my bunny making, is this little lad from Abby's book, Stuffed Animals.
I was so excited to finally make him. He's been in my brain for far too long. I love that his ears match his pants. I wonder what kind of face he will have??
 That's what's been in my basket. Hoping to do a little finishing on at least one of them tonight.
Please let the children go to bed in a timely manner before I get too tired! :}
Have a good one

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