Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fingerless mittens

How goes?
I have something exciting to show you, but first, I must mention an occurrence that will be happening tomorrow.

I've played pioneer woman this afternoon, stapling the plastic tarps on the chicken run, wood piles and getting 3 loads of wood in and outside the door. 
'Cause folks, they say it will be a doozy. 
With a storm surge. With the last storm surge warning, it did indeed flood on Dock Street. 
I'll keep you updated.
Now, onto the thing at hand...
On my hands...
I did a little pattern shopping with
 Fingerless mittens... with Thumbs! I've had many requests over the years for fingerless mittens, but I'd not found a pattern I was happy with. Most of them were just a sleeve with an opening in the seam for your thumb to stick out. These... these have actual thumbs! 
 Jan's patterns are very thorough. There are multiple sizes that are printer ready. Her written instructions come with pictures. I was very impressed with them. I ordered 5 different ones!
Wonder what I'll make next?
The ones on the left (size large) are available at the Flying Fox Bake Shop.
 Along with a few pairs of mittens... some lined, some unlined.
I'm going to fill the bathtub and a few other prep things, just in case...
Have a good one,

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