Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow Day

Well, the Mother of all storms did come.
We stayed snuggled inside all day. the kids made loom band treasures.. all day. 
They are still making them. 
Around 5 pm, I decided to venture outside to check on the chickens.

Nope, not going out that door!
 The back door was snowed in also. 
Good thing this house has 5 doors!
 Tarps blew off of everything.
This is our driest wood pile. Sorry, WAS our driest woodpile.
 The snow even blew into the shed through the vented eaves on the top.
 This guy ate all the seed from the feeder early in the morning.
Then discovered the feeder on the other side of the house. 
Greedy. Hungry.
 Gusty winds, blowing snow. Drifts just like sand dunes.

This storm was ok here today. We didn't have to go out. 
We had everything we needed. The kids were content.
Good supper in the crock pot and all my laundry was done by 9:30 am.

But tomorrow..
I'm fearing tomorrow will be another snow day to clean up all this mess.
I hope the contented feelings linger.

But if not,
Take that!
Keep warm and dry.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fingerless mittens

How goes?
I have something exciting to show you, but first, I must mention an occurrence that will be happening tomorrow.

I've played pioneer woman this afternoon, stapling the plastic tarps on the chicken run, wood piles and getting 3 loads of wood in and outside the door. 
'Cause folks, they say it will be a doozy. 
With a storm surge. With the last storm surge warning, it did indeed flood on Dock Street. 
I'll keep you updated.
Now, onto the thing at hand...
On my hands...
I did a little pattern shopping with
 Fingerless mittens... with Thumbs! I've had many requests over the years for fingerless mittens, but I'd not found a pattern I was happy with. Most of them were just a sleeve with an opening in the seam for your thumb to stick out. These... these have actual thumbs! 
 Jan's patterns are very thorough. There are multiple sizes that are printer ready. Her written instructions come with pictures. I was very impressed with them. I ordered 5 different ones!
Wonder what I'll make next?
The ones on the left (size large) are available at the Flying Fox Bake Shop.
 Along with a few pairs of mittens... some lined, some unlined.
I'm going to fill the bathtub and a few other prep things, just in case...
Have a good one,

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bunnies in a basket WIP

I spent 2 glorious days in my studio.. playing. Exploring, taking my time. Enjoying the process.
Wanna see what's ready for some hand sewing?

This little one is compliments of Abby at While She Naps, Sophia, the Bunny.
I need to work on the ear positioning. I think it shows more like a yoda or something. 
Ear and eye positioning is very important people!
I used a beaded sack in the bottom as she suggests. It has a nice clunk to it when you put it down, but the stuffing makes it oh so squeezable.
 Next up is Betz White's Cashmere Bunny. I've made this before here with fleece and experimenting with the tail. This soft cashmere version is great. I forgot to show you the ears. It's like the heart. And it will have a little felted wool bead as the tail.
 And lastly, in my bunny making, is this little lad from Abby's book, Stuffed Animals.
I was so excited to finally make him. He's been in my brain for far too long. I love that his ears match his pants. I wonder what kind of face he will have??
 That's what's been in my basket. Hoping to do a little finishing on at least one of them tonight.
Please let the children go to bed in a timely manner before I get too tired! :}
Have a good one

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

snow day activities

BOOOOO! Last week we had this:
Today, it looks like this:
And it's another snow day. Wouldn't be so bad, but tomorrow is a PD/Parent Teacher interview day, which means, no school for the kids. 2 days off before March Break next week. Timing folks. Timing.
Anyhow, things were slow this morning.
I've been hit by another massive head cold. Took the life right outta me it did.

I finally cut the ties this morning.
 I tied the ends and then to the one next to it to create a little lip in edge.
I wasn't sure where to put it, but I think it will stay by the wood stove. 
These old knees find it hard to kneel on the floor to stoke the fire.
 Someone else found a good use for it too.
Just the right size. 
I'd like to make a few more of these, but from cut t-shirts.
On the table today...
 Home made playdough. I've made this before, but I can't find it on my old blog. 
When I make it, I add the oil and food colouring to the hot water. 
It makes it a little easier to mix the colour in.
 And a batch of Banana Cookies
 I used the rest of the mix to make a bread.

Must muster up enough energy to run some errands. 
There's a trip to the Flying Fox Bake Shop as a reward to the kids for being dragged along.

have a good one,