Thursday, November 15, 2012

a Little owly

I'm in full Christmas making mode. Sorry if it's too early for you. Maybe that's why I'm having a hard time focusing on doing this. As a crafter, I start thinking Christmas when the leaves change. I'm on the hunt for inspiration, ideas, projects. But I don't usually start making them until Nov. Oh wait, it already is Nov. How did that happen?
So I'll start gently.
 In avoiding my sewing machine today, I played around with many ornament ideas. This was a last minute grab at the roving pile and an owl shaped cookie cutter. I think I like the white one better.
I took the same picture, but played with the white balance. One day, I'll figure out my camera.
There may be more playing around tomorrow. I can't find my glasses. I mean, really can't find them around the houseIthinkImayhavedroppedtheminapileoffabricorsomething. Where should I start to look?
It's really bothering me. I'm getting a headache.
Edit to add: I found my glasses. Under a pile of sweater bits. I have since bought me a fancy beaded string. Yes, I'm finally at that forgetful stage. I don't regret this string. I've known where my glasses have been all day. :}
And lookey there, I'm using a spruce tree for my pictures this year. I have a whole garden to choose from instead of the 2 small cedar trees I had off the end of my deck at the old house. tee hee.
have a good one,


  1. Saw a keychain online last night and thought of you. And of course now I can't find it again.

    It was a series of three felted balls, getting smaller as they went down, with a few beads in between the balls.

    Kinda reminded me of the "boobie keychains" that Avon sold a couple of years ago.

  2. Those are so adorable! What a great idea for our woodland themed tree!

  3. those are great! i hope you find your glasses. :)

  4. Very cute owls. I hope your glasses have turned up. Very frustrating for you.

  5. Cute owls. Glad you found your glasses