Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Bird?

Today, I looked outside and was startled by this big bird sitting on the bird feeder!

 Then he was found on the wood pile.
 Rafael was wanting something new. Restless, small town, I want something different, kinda new.
I had this idea since I made this chick and egg,
Pattern from Abby Glassenberg

A few minor adjustments and the Angry Bird was created.
 Instead of the egg...
I made the other side a PIG!
 It was really fun to make. But I did spend a fair bit of time hand sewing the eyes, beak and snout on. I'm sure I could do it faster next time. Should there ever be one.
 Thanks Abby for making great patterns.
In other bird news...
We were so happy when the drake came back to the pond with his mate.
 He sporadically visited our pond, swam, quacked up a storm and then left. A few days ago, he brought a friend. They stayed a few days and even got brave enough to eat from the bird feeder left overs. It was kind of cool to see the bully blue jays fly off because the ducks were coming.
And thus ends the bird sightings for today.

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