Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Olive bread

Wanting something a little different to serve our weekly Sunday dinner guests, I got this book from the library.
And lookng at what was in the cupboard/fridge, I made this bread...
 Olive bread. A regular white bread with chopped olives in there. Without the constraints of time, (we were going out) I would have put the olives in on the 2nd kneading and then maybe let it rise out of the bread maker to bake in the oven. But that's what bread makers are good for.. cooking when you're not there.
 Kinda cool how it marbled. I'm glad, I don't think I would feel as comfortable to serve a bleak, black bread.
When I saw this platter, I HAD to have it. You know I have an obsession with cardinals.
 And it's a shape I've been wanting to serve crackers and bread on.
In the studio, I've been sewing for a Gifts Galore sale this weekend. But I haven't been making enough. 
 At this point, I'll have what I have. I'll figure out what I can do in the next few days. The middle of the night insomnia has returned. I got up at 4:30am and sewed until 5:30am, when my machine started to act up. A few $&^%# and a read of the manual got the problem fixed for me to sew for another hour. Now there is another problem, I think i may have a solution, but I'm gonna have a nap first.
 I don't get up to sew int eh middle of the night due to stress or feeling pressure to get things done. I get up and do it because it is something to do. When I get busy, my mind works while I sleep. If I wake up for a few hours in the night, I may as well do something with it. 

But for now, I think I'll see if we have any more of this bread and then have a snooze.
Have a good one!

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