Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poms on Pine cones

Whew! The day after 2 craft show weekends in a row is a write off. This is the most I've done all day. 
I have 2 weeks before my last show. I'm going to clean my house tomorrow and not sew!!
But, I got to craft with my daughter today. Something easy.
 Mini Pom poms on pine cones. I got the idea from Dig This Chick. I used what we had on hand and the pine cones we got from the trees at the library. We love our library!
 We were wishing we had green and yellow. Or even red and white.
 But we're still happy with the results.
 We'll let you know when we figure out what to do with them.
 We had about 30 minutes of fluffy movie snow this morning. I love movie snow. It means it's warm outside.
 And makes a really nice backdrop for this fellow.
Off to do a little more nothing with Neve. 
Have a good one,

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