Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Costumes

This year, Rafael wanted to be a Green Ninja. I looked and looked for green pants and shirt, but to no avail. However, the material bin at Frenchy's had 3 yards of this green fabric. 
I traced a pair of his pants using the tutorial from Dana at Made. I also worked out the shirt from her tutorial.
Neve was going to be red Ninja... ( for a party last week)
But for the School party, she decided to be Super woman. I think she did the same thing last year. Oh to have a rack full of costumes to pick and choose from. I think I shall miss it when she grows out of the costumes.
True to fashion, I was finishing off Rafael's costume while he was at school. 
I sewed the  hood part in 2 pieces.
The back is placed on the fold with the openings in the front.
The front piece is just a triangle tacked on the back and rouched on the front.
 We had fun going about the yard.

 Sometimes even Superwoman needs a little help with lift off.
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  1. They look so cute. I wish I'd had someone making me costumes when I was a kid. I had to make do with tying a towel round my neck to pretend it was a cape.