Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A trip an hour and a bit away.

On the 1st Saturday of the month, Lunenburg hosts a flea market at the community centre. In need of a little day trip and "get outta town" attitude, we decided to make a day of it.
The flea market was small, but enjoyable. We all walked away with a wee treasure.
We went to the farmer's market at the South Shore Waldorf School. We were excited to see our summer market friend, Victor, selling his vegetables there. Nice chatting. 
And then some eye candy of the Waldorf kind in the other room. I bought a piece of felt. So happy to see some here instead of mail ordering. 
We had lunch and then visited a few shops. 
The Lunenburg Makery was a little storefront that had wool felt in the window display! Be still my heart!!! And it was 5 sheets for $10. 100% wool. Score!
They are a lovely shop. I wish I lived closer to take in a few workshops. Maybe in the summer when the light is longer. 

Across the street from there is a store that fulfilled my crafty soul. 
Dots and Loops. A store full of hand mades! From parts around the world. Great craftsmanship.

My only other wish on this trip was a stop at the Tea Brewery in Mahone Bay.
See the sun shining to it! :} 
 Here, my tea snobishness was satisfied.
 There was lots of sniffing. Asking. Comparing.
 A few things were decided upon and a few cups for the road. DH went across the street to get his cup of coffee. Really, who wants to buy a coffee from a tea shop? Although they do offer it, it's like asking for a burger at a chicken joint.
Driving home in the sun set, cuppa Rhubarb cream tea, good tunes on the radio and a heart full of craftiness. Yes, a good trip indeed. Should get me through a few more weeks of winter. And it has inspired my crafty brain again. 


  1. Maybe in the summer you can pick me up on the way to Lunenburg and we can split the gas :) I'm up for some classes! That is, if my house ever closes :( (still waiting, we've hit a large snag) Also, I can't wait to go to the Tea Brewery. I love Mahone Bay.....

  2. For sure Martha! We can get into all kinds of crafty trouble! cross fingers for the house closure.

  3. Ahhh...love these places! Sounds like such a great day!