Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making Peg Dolls- Book mini Review

After being a follower of her blog for many years, I was so excited to see that Margaret from We Bloom Here was writing a book. Then I was so excited to see the release date arrive! And all of the bloggy reviews of the book. I ordered it from my local bookstore as fast as I could.

And hardcover! After luxuriously looking at the pictures and the clever way she makes the hats... you gotta go see!
I set about to make these little flowery maids.

 Really, her head gear construction has solved a dilemma I've had for years on making them fit. 

The next group to be brought to life were these bears! Squeal!
Her instructions are so easy to follow. The patterns are true to size. Just a bit of tracing paper and you're ready to create.
I've made this box into something special. Go here.
 Living in a sea side town that is a little (ahem) pirate crazy, I had to add some. A little different from my regular felted ones. (these are not in the book. Something for the next one perhaps?)
 With a whole bag of peggies of different sizes, the kids and I are going to sit down and make away! They are inspired by the book too. As they should be.

 Neve has already started on her Goldilocks and Rafael wants to make these little peas in a pod.

Thanks Margaret for this enchanting, squealable, transportable to lovely worlds book!
She has a proper book review/ blog tour list on her blog and a Facebook page.

Oh, one more squealable thing...
A site selling wooden parts. Right here in Nova Scotia. The peggies are even cheaper than Lee Valley!!!!! See... Squeal.
I haven't ordered from them yet, but the person who suggested it to me (a boat builder) has. You do need a $25 minimum, I think, but with the greatest selection I've ever seen, it wouldn't be hard to do it!
Once I figure out the sizes of things, I'll be putting in my order.

Go look and have fun!


  1. I love your peg animals! You should write a book with patterns for yours!!!

  2. Oh, these are so cute! I have a few big jars of unfinished peg dolls just waiting to be painted :)

  3. I LOVE it!! Especially your pirate bear -- brilliant and inspired!

    Thank you for the kind review :-D Big smile


  4. I like having a conversation on which bear is the male or female. When they say the daddy is the pirate, I remind them that around here, there are female pirates too.

  5. Your pegs came out so darling! Love the book.

  6. I just discovered your blog and I am so happy about it! :) I simply LOVE little bears! This book is simply MUST!