Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Abby's Beastie Bag

 There's nothing like a request for a birthday present to get the fingers sewing. (That and the sun streaming trough my studio windows)
I was in the mood to make something different and used this time to make the 
Bear Beastie Bag by Abby at While She Naps fame.
 I've sewn from Abby's patterns 2 or 3 times now and have a good sense of how she writes.
 Her patterns have a lot of pictures and details. It's always a good idea to read the step in full before you start or you might make a few mistakes. (ahem) As such, my lining didn't lay as flat as I would like. But it's still ok.
It was fun. Took about 1.5 hours. I'm sure the 2nd time around, it would be quicker. I'm going to do the dino next. Some nice green boiled wool. Oh, this one was made from a beige wool coat. 

In other news from here...
the tooth fairy made a visit. It was quite an intense evening. The tooth would loosen a bit more, then the realization that it could be pulled out. NOW. Who would do it? Daddy? But was she ready? Laughing, tears. Finally, one more tug from her and it fell out. No tears. Notes were written to the tooth fairy and put under the pillow. The tooth fairy did not disappoint on the first tooth. Now the one next to it is wiggly. Oh boy.

One of the treasures at the flea market in Lunenburg was this portable type writer. Many song lyrics, famous and Rafael made are being typed up. As well as a love song to this mama. Be still my heart. (But he can't remember the tune. There sure is a lot of "ooo, mama mama mama" in there.)
For Neve, it's a lesson in  "it can't be perfect". The newest popular tool and most misplaced around here is the tape corrector white out. Much improved from the bottle of intoxicating liquid white out. Now THAT was messy.

Well, nice to have lunch with you. My home made seafood chowder was delish, thank you very much. Off to make some more. I have some exciting opportunities happening behind the scenes. I just have to make sure I do them!

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