Friday, February 1, 2013

new finger puppets

Here are my owl puppets... The bellies are pieces of ribbon. Gorgeous ribbons yes?
"We are not amused."

My new and improved elephants. Deciding if I like the tufts of hair on the top or not. I tried to make tusks with an elongated french knot (can't remember the name of it) but it was proving to be too time consuming and a lot of cutting out. I need to practice that stitch. 

Purple hippo!! Goofy lookin' bunch.

The new gang.

 And a few familiar guys in the back.



  1. Amanda, you are the QUEEN of brilliant facial expressions. I love how the owls are the perfect mixture of crossness and befuddledness! And oh the elephants...I want to pick them up and cuddle them, they look so worried! They're all just gorgeous.

  2. OMG bedazzled owls and toofy hippos! I love them.

  3. love those owls, Amanda! I thought that I was 'over' owls... But no, I guess I'm not :)

  4. So cute! I love the facial expressions! Isn't it funny how a slight tilt of an eyebrow or move of an eye can turn a face from mad to adorable?! You could always do elephant tusks as long triangles of felt sticking out from the mouth. Love your work!