Sunday, February 24, 2013


Rafael wanted to make a monster stuffie for some time now. This weekend was the right time.
Here's my interpretation of his pattern.

Here's the only fuzzy fabric I had. This is messy stuff! He was on clean up duty. Every time I cut, he went with the lint brush to clear my cutting mat. But Oh so soft.

And here is his Onsty. A little different than his original on the right. But he loves him. It's a nice shape to hold.

 And here is his new friend Onsty with his other new friend, Monsty. Monsty, the orange one, was made by Curious Little Bird. As you can see, it was also the inspiration for Onsty.
Monsty was bought at Dots and Loops  in Lunenburg, NS. 

 Dots and Loops has some new stock in. And I'm one of them!!! They now have my cashmere lined mittens and finger puppets. I'm working on some new hand puppets and hot water bottle covers this week.
I've just finished my peggies for The Three Little Pigs. I have an idea for the houses, but need to find the right wood first. It will come in a box like the Three Bears in the previous posts.

I'm happy to take all this creativity wanting to get done!

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  1. The owner of Dots and Loops sent me this blog post, because the orange monster keychain you bought was made by me. :) I'm the owner of Curious Little Bird! Thank you so much for being inspired. :)