Monday, February 18, 2013

Goldilocks and the Three Bears playset

So I took these guys from yesterday 

Put them in a box.
 Goldilocks woke up to a new part of the forest with polka dotted trees and fluffy pink clouds.

The three bears met by the white picket fence.

A new playscape in a box. (all cutouts are from the old Sizzix die cuts)

Yes, it needs a house. But I think I'll make a tiny one in the back landscape by the trees.

 They're hoping that Goldilocks will make some new porridge.

Today was a snow day here. The peggies and paints were out, so some new families were born.
Rafael's family

 Neve's family. She gave me highlights in the back there.

Here's the whole crew. I think I need to order some new pieces. These are going fast.

Bear Woods! I'm calling soon.



  1.! Cuteness! Love the the little pirate bear.

  2. I've been looking at lots of peg doll ideas for a fairytale swap I am in, and I just adore your goldilocks and the three bears! The bears little ears are adorable!! Pinning :-)

  3. Searching the store you recommended for pegs to make peg dolls (yours are adorable), but don't know what to put in search bar to find them. Also, where do I find the book Making Peg Dolls?