Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Oo, I've been having fun! And I still have more ideas in my head.
Moving right along in the "let's be really productive" area....
Peek a-boo

Pretty flower! (I got some new die cuts from Michael's thanks to a GC from my inlaws. THANKS!)


This one is fleece. I couldn't pass up the fun print.

And to fulfill my argyle obsession. I LOVE the pocket!

The sweater already had the stringy design. It and the flower are a lovely muted lilac.

And my squealy bear. I have a few more animal ideas for these. AND I found a smaller hot water bottle for the next ones. Adorable.

I think all of these will be going to Dots and Loops



  1. Love the swirly lilac design. Hmmm...must go visit this Dots and Loops!

  2. I need one of these! I use a hot water bottle every night!of

  3. I want the mushroom one!!!! :) I love your hotwater bottle covers! I need one, too...with toadstools on it!
    oxo Michele