Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Flying Fox Bake Shop

Today, I'd like to take you on a very heavy on the phone picture tour of our local sweet shop!

Meet Julie and Jonathan, the owners!
Look at that drink list! I'm working my way thru the tea section.

The sweet selection changes quite often. Here's a peek at what was available today. 
Can you say Spring?

And some lemon meringue tarts.

hmmm, I forgot to take a picture of the truffles and fudge and the black forest cake.

 The shop has a few rooms to lounge in.

And a bigger one for crowds.

Julie also dabbles in sewing! 
 Aren't the fabrics lovely?

And these fine fellows... known as Gronks. They usually have a few more friends, but they have gone to new homes.

It's a cool place to hang out. You don't feel rushed.

We hung out for a bit of the afternoon, played some cards, chess, checkers and some knitting.
Can you tell they just learned? I had to google what to do with all this finger knitting. I think we'll make a hula hoop woven mat. More on that later.

This was my treat, Salted caramel tea with an aztec chilli truffle. And a sock.

They are open Monday- Saturday, noon to 10pm!
We even have a group of ladies that meet once a month on a Saturday night. We named ourselves, the Foxy Ladies! ooo. Look out!  Someone might have a caffeinated tea with double chocolate cake or truffle. Crazy times.
Thanks for being part of this community Julie and Jon!
You can see more updated happenings there here.

Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. Oh, yum. I'm a tea drinker. I'm definitely going there :) So sad that the bike ride is a bit too far from Port Mouton to Shelburne :)

  2. Oh Martha, I'll have to pick you up in the morning and we'll come here to play, make and visit all the great places around here. A bit of knitting on the beach perhaps?

  3. That looks absolutely wonderful! Lucky you :) Bedford needs a Flying Fox!

  4. My husband and I plan to visit The Flying Fox sometime this month. A fellow member of the Bridgewater Photo Club is displaying his photos all month....looks great!

  5. The Flying Fox looks wonderful! I love Nova Scotia, and can't wait for the day (hopefully this summer!) when I'll be driving around the coast and stopping wherever my fancy takes me. I'll definitely make this a stop, thank you!

    (I found you via Anne at Counterpoint Corner--so glad I did!)

  6. wish I lived closer -