Thursday, March 28, 2013

market bag in orange. and teal. and yellow

Somebody stop me! I can't stop! Well, just a few more and I'll move on to something else.
 Little peek at the inside pockets and binding at the bottom.
 3 pretty bags, all in a row.
 While I was out on this shoot in the deceivingly cool day, I wandered in the woods to look for signs of Spring.
Instead, I found lots of this!
There are great questions around here on where the deer sleep and where the buck may be and will there be any fawn this year. We could google the life of deer I suppose to educate ourselves.
This path was across the property. I thought it was deer, but it goes into a tree,
 just behind where I was standing.
And instead of deer hoof prints, there were these. Anyone know what they are?
Do you think it's a racoon?
 And a shot of the yard from an angle you don't usually see. Just at the edge of the woods, from the previous picture with all the bags hanging, looking towards the pond. Those blue barrels were a floating dock. We're hoping to put one of those in the pond sometime too.
And one more look.


  1. Love this fabric and how the bag turned out - beautiful!

  2. could be a yeti!?

  3. I have no idea, maybe you should set up a camera trap! Or, make yourself a hide, install yourself with some sewing, knitting, felting, and wait. Also, I don't blame you for loving that bag - I do too!