Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peggie Swap!

I joined Peg Swap with Margaret from We Bloom Here.
One of my swap partners was Stephanie from The Knitty Gritty Homestead.
Even with her 4 kids and the life that swirls around that, she was the first one to get hers in the mail.

Just look at that hand work! I imagine her sitting with a cup of tea in a quiet spot of her day to do this. :} I'm sure the reality may be quite different, I'm choosing to stick with my story.
 Double sided wings!
 And she knit the clothes.
 A moth! A moth! Who woulda thought to make a moth?
Love the fuzzy wool she used too.
We are enjoying our little friends. More so since they last a lot longer the the daffodils.

Thanks Stephanie! We love them. Now you have to guess what I sent to you. I posted them last week... both in the mail and on the blog.
And thanks Margaret for hosting the swap. ' tis lovely indeed!
Happy Saturday.


  1. Thank you! Your pictures do them justice, I must say. When I think of working on these wings, I think of watching Monty Python's Holy Grail with my kids, and Downton Abbey after the baby went to bed! I enjoyed every single stitch that went into them... truly made with love. Now I'm double excited to find a parcel in my mailbox!

    So glad to have swapped with you!

  2. oh, they are so beautiful! I have to buy that book and make some!