Monday, March 11, 2013

And the winner is....

This little guy was at our feeder the other day. He's tiny. Called a Common Redpoll. 
Saw only one. Only once.

I put Rafael to work writing out the names of commenters.

Then he cut them up.

Put in his hand. 

and the winner of these friends is......

We INterrupt this giveaway announcement to show you this...
more common redpoll appeared. Tons of them. on the ground, in the trees. So exciting. DH says he saw a bluejay in the tree today. Yes, my friends, spring is in the air.

And the winner is....

Bonnie! I'll send you a note for your snail mail addy.

Thanks for playing. I think I may have another giveaway next week. If I get my act together.
Have a good one.

 Look who else is back!!!


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