Friday, March 15, 2013

market bag

I bought this fantastic fabric a few weeks ago. And the green was not far from it. This bag came to mind. It's a pattern (sorry, the pattern is not here at the moment, more info later)

It fits perfectly in my bicycle basket (that picture must be in my camera). I picture a bagette sticking out and some fresh veg and fruits in there from the market! I'm dreaming about the market.

We rode our bikes this day. A little chill in the air, but nice and fresh. The kids always spend some time on this chair. I think I'd like one for my yard please.

And a hazy view of the mouth of the harbour.
We've hardly been down here this winter. More time for the water in the warmer months.

Have a good one,


  1. Love your bag - I can see it stuffed full of shopping in your bike basket:)

  2. Love the bag, and that fabric is gorgeous!