Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming soon....

To local establishment, the brewery or NSLC location near you.

summer has begun. and so has the rain. messy house,many kids, failed science experiments. :}
bring it on.
have a good one,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

busy busy

We've been busy in this last week of school
Our friends had a sailing birthday party for their son. 
 What a great day for it. Sometimes, I still can't believe that I actually live here.
 And in our own back yard, we got a new octagon picnic table. I like how the seats are cut so you don't have to do that leg lifting thing to get in. We love it in there.
 Bought this mini, let's get wet, not really swimming pool for the kids. It should warm up by August.
 The garlic scapes have arrived. I debated tell my DH, 
as I think I can still taste the pesto he made from last years. STRONG
 This is very exciting! The brewery will be open in a few weeks. No firm date yet, I'll keep you posted.
There is much activity over there.
Soon you can open your own 6 pack in your own yard!
 And in sewing news, I've sewn a few of these monstys. Very popular whenever I sell them. Mothers tell me their sons are happy with their new bedtime buddies.

School's out! Well, almost, they have to go back for 1 hour on Friday for report cards. 
But really, we're on vacation! Planning on visiting this place today!
Have a good one,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All in a Week

About a week and a half ago, I was excited about my new clothes line. Stick in the middle a la Newfoundland style.
 And after processing my dad's sudden passing and the joy of family around, I return home a week later to see that life does indeed carry on. 
The grass continues to grow.
 As do the potatoes. The front ones are in the eel grass. The soil spuds are doing better.

 Lily pads and flowers. The Spring peepers are gone! GONE! I can sleep in my own bed now. It's been since April. I couldn't sleep with their high pitched noise. But now, they're gawn. And have been replaced by the GUNG GUNG of the bull frogs. That's not so bad.
 Patches of Queen Anne's Lace
 Wild strawberries. It was one year ago that DH and I hopped on a plane to buy a house here. This house. The yard had wild strawberries in the back yard. I remembered how I would head to the cliffs of McDougal's Beach to pick the wild strawberries whenever I went home to Newfoundland in the summers. They're small, but warm and sweet.
 The hostas took over. I will certainly remember to split them up next year.
 And the first cord of 4 loads of wood arrived in preparation for next fall. Yes, with the unusually cold winter (for here), everyone was running out of wood. 

So now, everyone is piling up to dry out for next season.
I did manage to get a day and a bit of sewing in for the Shelburne Farmer's Market on Saturday.
 Market bags with longer handles as requested by customers.

 And a few little bags for the kiddies. I love this fabric. It's Tidny fabric from Ikea
I thought it would be quilting cotton weight, but it's more like duck and the print is huge. 
So much more than I was expecting. Perfect for the bags.
Tomorrow, I'll be making a rainbow of Monsty's.

And that's how I'm adjusting to being back to "normal". Only, it's not.
One day, one moment at a time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the market though. ;] It's a nice place to be.
You should come.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A good life lived.

I wasn't sure how or if to write this post. But this is a blog of my life as well as my craft, so it must be noted here to reflect back on and to be a huge part of where life goes from here.

On Saturday, June 8, 2013, my dad suddenly passed away.

My stomach is ill typing that. My legs are jittery. It comes and goes in waves. I'm sitting in his chair.

We are in a waiting time at present. And a time of so many family members around with so much love. And laughter. Yes, gut busting laughter. That's how my parent's families are.
 Love and laughter. 
No matter where or when. Any gathering of family will do.
I think I'll carry that outside of myself a little more in future. 
Pass on the laughter and the love.

I'll just let the words of my cousin tell you a bit about him.

  "Art had many great loves in life – first and foremost he was a true family man.  He loved spending time with his family and grandchildren who gave him a lot of joy in his life. He was never short of a warm hug and he loved a good get together. Many happy days were spent at his cabin in MacDougalls with family and friends. Art loved a good heart-to-heart chat, even if it went into the wee hours of the night. He also loved music – a talented drummer in the Newfoundland-famous Ducats for many years, Art kept the beat for everyone on many occasions, whether he was playing the drums, the “ugly” stick or the spoons. He passed that love of music on to his children and grandchildren. He also taught many a budding musician to play the spoons.  Art spent many years as a successful business man and is probably best known for his years at the beloved Donut Shop in Port-Aux-Basques, where he and Judy spent many happy years. Art liked to be a part of his community – he spent many years in the Lions Club, on the town Council and in the Historical Society. Art was a great leader and a kind, generous spirit. He always made time for his friends. He made everyone he knew feel loved and important. 
He was often heard to say “my heart is full.” 
And so are all of ours, because he holds a special place in every one of us. "

We'll be Celebrating his Life today.
And in so many little things as the time goes on. 

Much love to you dad. You were a rock!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stella the Owl

I bought a new pattern from Abby at While She Naps.
I've bought quite a few patterns from Abby over the past year and I have to say, 
again, they are fabulous! Here are a couple:

This time, I bought Stella the Owl. It's going to be my go to baby gift. I didn't really have a designated one before, this is it.

A friend was overdue so I sewed one up in non-gendered colours. 
 The day after I finished, she had her baby girl! So I sewed this one up for her instead.
 I love the little bitty owl nesting in mama's wings. I love that the wings are not stuffed. I love that the inside of the wings are the same as the main fabric.
  I've said it all before, but it bears repeating! Abby's pattern writing is very clear and the pictures are a great aid in sewing it all up. I bought her new book Stuffed Animals. I look forward to spending some time learning as I go with her detailed patterns. Each pattern teaches a new design element. When I get to the end of that book, I'll know I can conquer anything in the sewing world of softies!

To go along with the baby gift, I'll be sending these itty bitty baby socks! Aren't they adorable?
They're from Stephanie at The Knitty Gritty Homestead. She had a giveaway some time ago and I won. Her mom made these teeny thangs. About size 0-3 months. I love them so much, I think I need to knit some for my own stash. See, inspiration is everywhere. And so is leftover sock yarn!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer has arrived

Yellow and purple finches have been feeding together lately. What's behind it? Anyone know?
 Last week, I planted potatoes. Some in eel grass in the bed in the front and some in the ground in rows behind the bed. A little experiment I will show at the end.
I got DH to make a little hut for his beans. He planted beans on the inside and outside. I can't wait until they grow up the line and make a little hideaway for the kids. I'm sure Rafael will be in heaven to just sit in there and eat the beans off the hut.
 We escaped the heat of the town (35+) at Louis Head's beach. What a lovely place and a treat to visit. I didn't test the water, but the kids didn't mind being in it.
I did make something this week! Another market bag for a friend. Didn't she buy a happy fabric! 
 I sewed something else up on Friday.
Another fabulous pattern from Abby. It's the Stella Owl.
I made one in non gendered fabric for a family that was expecting. They've since had the baby, a girl, so now I want to make a pinkalicious one. I'll take pictures tomorrow after I stuff it.

It was a wonderful weekend with Town wide yard sale, AGM for the Farmer's Market which starts June 15, visit to the beach, dinner at the beach, handbell choir at church, watched a play by the townsfolk and another nice dinner. Loving the summer weather. Finally!