Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming soon....

To local establishment, the brewery or NSLC location near you.

summer has begun. and so has the rain. messy house,many kids, failed science experiments. :}
bring it on.
have a good one,


  1. I escaped my house and am at the library ALONE. My head is pounding from the noise, mess, arguing, and maintenance of four kids. Wow.
    Received a sweet piece of mail today :) and will be sending something FLAT out to you next week! Thank you!

    1. congratulations to you my dear! nice you can get away. I'm going to the farmer's market to schlop my wares tomorrow. In the rain. i think I have to drag the 2 with me. That will not be fun. Long days at the brewery for DH. I want a break too. Sailing camp next week. yahoo!!