Thursday, September 12, 2013

POPCORN!!! on the cob.

Popcorn is a pretty regular treat around here.
Popped on the stove kinda popcorn.
 My husband makes the best. 
You don't even need to put butter on it. It's that good. 

We decided to take a chance on this one. You know, in case he isn't around.
 I set the timer for 2 minutes, 40 seconds.
 mmm, I'm thinking I may have stopped it a little early.
  I didn't use the whole 40 seconds.
Isn't it so cool?
 4 hungry hands and mine were all over it.
 Butter and salt recommended.
I figure we can try popping the rest another time.
 It was a hit and hit the spot before these guys hit the road again.
 It was Pink Shirt Day here today. It was so cool to see so many pink shirts on the playground, coming off the bus, around the stores.
And how can I leave without another picture of this?
Have a good one.

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