Monday, September 23, 2013

shhhh, secret

Today, I tried something new and exciting.
Something I've been waiting all summer to do!

 Something that has limitless possibilities and will drive me crazy with creativity.
But I can't tell you what it is yet.... shhhh. 
 We interrupt this post shrouded in secrecy for this public service announcement...
This is from sewing many pairs of mittens in wool and cashmere. 
Lots of dust there.
But really, when's the last time you opened that baby up (without cursing 'cause your thread wasn't working) and gave it some love and oil. Don't forget to give it some oil.
And the deer picture....
Neve came down the stairs for breakfast the other day and stopped mid tread..
we had company..

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  1. We have been seeing a lot of deer right now, and got a nice box of meat from a friend. We're not hunters, but I do like venison! Beautiful to see them right outside your door!