Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here come da bunny...

I finally got this guy put together.
 I love his matching pants and ears. And his watch. He's a busy bunny

Do you remember me lamenting about my sweater hill?
Well, after several attempts that were interrupted by storage bins in the city, not here,
2 weeks of the winter plague and working....
 It's finally clear!!
Whew. I can breathe in here.
Those black bins under the table were the biggest ones I could find. 
I wished they were clear, but they got the job done.
When you live in a small town with nil shopping, 
you take what you can get when you run around in the city.
And the bonus of setting up this table is another work surface. 
My sewing table needs considerable attention that I'm not willing to do today.
Must get some firewood. Can you believe it's snowing here? Wet snow, but snow none the less.
This little guy doesn't seem to mind.


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  1. Good job, Amanda. I'm ashamed of my sewing room right now. Gotta get at it.