Tuesday, April 8, 2014

photography shoot

Neve is a Cloverbud member of the local 4-H club. 4-H is a new thing for us. I like that it is nature based. Up until almost 2 years ago, my children's nature immersion was limited to trips away from the city or the small pockets of nature in our community. There are some delights to be sure, but nothing beats learning about nature by living in it.

This weekend, the Cloverbuds were invited to try photography.
On a sunny, but still windchilled day, she set met her friends 
and set out to shoot some pictures of her mouse friend.
(I could have paid more attention to the focus too.)

It was neat to see her find spots to put him and the different angles she chose.
 I like the mouse in the hole. There was snow in the bottom.
 Some big boulders there.
 the forest floor.
 She had a wonderful time. You could tell she felt freedom and was using her imagination.

I snapped this picture from across the harbour. 
Sometimes, I still can't believe that I actually get to live here.

Last week, we got happy mail from a relative.
That chicken fabric will make a nice tablecloth.
I think the fun paper doll cutout one will be a little dress for a little friend. 
It's been a few years since I've made a wee dress. 
That was the first thing that I returned to sewing with.. a little sundress for Neve.
Oh, so many years ago. 
After a wonderfully, sunny and warm day yesterday ( I worked inside for the most of it),
it is so down heartening to have a miserably rainy day today.
The ducks made a visit on the pond, the squirrel and birds are still eating form the feeder, 
so I'll take their cue and continue on.

I'll be creating a new life in the form of a Waldorf doll face today. And hopefully some clothes.

Have a good one,

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