Friday, May 3, 2013

Invasion of the Ninjas

My order came! It came it came! in 2 days!
I've talked about Bear Woods Supply Inc.
I finally placed an order with them.
Can i just say... it was awesome.
Great prices, selection customer service.
They used expedited shipping in Canada for just over $10!!! In Canada! Crazy. 
I got it in 2 days.
The quality of the pegs is great. Smooth wood without the flaws and 
tree rings on the heads like other sources. 
I can't say enough about it. 
Notice the acorns on the bottom of the pic! love.
What did I do with them?
(check out the first ones I made here)
 50 Ninjas
 Looks like someone threw up a ninja rainbow! I've been waiting all day to say that! :}

I left the room for a few minutes.....
 Someone had fun planning an invasion!

Have a good one!
If you're local, pop by the Mother's Day Shopping event.



  1. CUTE! I haven't had any time to paint any peggies lately. This makes me want to get them out again! I usually get mine from but will check out your source, too!

    1. ooo, your place looks good too! Bear Woods is in NS. That's why I was so excited.

  2. Ha! My oldest would love these! He's just recently gotten a bit into the whole ninja craze! Thanks for linking up to Let's Hear it for the Boy! :)

  3. you make me smile -- ninja invasion, indeed!