Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thrifty Finds

The Longboat Society had a sale today. I went early and scored big time!!
 I'm afraid to boast of the prices. They were that good. Rug Hooking anyone?
 Most gorgeous.
And these books. (the toy making one is from the library sale a few weeks ago.)
 This tent will find a home in our back yard. Preferably over the picnic table I want to get. 
It's octagon shape!
 Look at the shape of this jar! And I got 10 of them! Won't my pickles look good in there?
 This is the bottom of a very old cigar box.
It came with the information on this Colonel. Shoot, I've misplaced the paper. I'll edit when I find it.
And I went back to get this for the kids.
It's a skating scene that moves the skaters with magnets underneath. They love it. Me too.
What else? More mason jars, 2 balls of sock yarn!!!, 2 shoe boxes of plaster ornaments for the kids to paint at the farmer's market craft table this summer, a wooden plate charger, some lily of the valley plants, and a few more things I'm forgetting about. 
Seriously! It was the biggest yard sale haul I've ever done. 
Do you remember the Ikea commercial where the woman is run/ walking across the parking lot yelling "start the car! Start the car!" That was me today. Looking over my shoulder to make sure they didn't come after me for more money. lol
'Tis the season of yard sales! how exciting to be in a new town for that! Next week is the long awaited "town wide" yard sale. I'm gonna go nuts. :}

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  1. I know that feeling...walking quickly in case someone realises they undercharged for some old piece of junk that they're willing to part with but that I LOVE! :) That rug hooked picture is GREAT!!