Tuesday, May 21, 2013

fabric splurge

Happy Belated Birthday to me! 
I will be enjoying this tonight b/c of the kindness of small town folks. Yummmmm. Thanks.
 This weekend was Victoria Day weekend. May 2-4. It was an extra long weekend as the kids didn't have school on Friday or Monday. We decided to go for it and went to the city for the day. Took my pa to supper and then went to the Annapolis Valley on Saturday to visit my sister at her new seasonal camping site.
The trip to the valley included a trip to Avonport Discount Fabrics.
Here are some of my wares..
 Love this scooter fabric. I think it will make a lovely teapot cozy and heat sacks.
 The sail boats are for a 'go fish' game idea I have. It will be the bag to hold it.
 The schooners, anchors and Nova Scotia Tartan will be tea pot cozys.
 My son wanted the penguins. Don't know what for. And the meadow things was too cute to pass up.
 Fat quarter of this story book fabric
 And some Red Riding Hood fabric.
When I don't have a project in mind for fabric, I usually only buy 1/2 metre. When it has a purpose, I buy 1 metre.  
How bout you? What is your usual yardage of fabric buying?

We had a lovely weekend.  A nice Birthday weekend.
Here's what I posted on my Facebook status:

"Thanks for the wishes. I'm 45 today and I can happily say that I am finally in the place and space 
I imagined myself to be at this age/stage of my life. 
And good times ahead. Grateful indeed."

'Tis true that. 'Tis True.


  1. That is a great place to me Amanda - Happy Belated Birthday! Love that schooners and anchors fabric!

    1. well, ya know, gotta get some nautical in there for the tourists!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Looking forward to seeing what you don with those fun fabrics!

    1. thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing it too. I'm on week 3 of no sewing. By choice or laziness. Guess I really do need a deadline to work under.

  3. Happy Late Birthday!
    I LOVE that scooter fabric and the Red Riding Hood fabric!
    I am only allowed to buy fabric if I have a specific purpose for it. No more stash building. Well, Unless I can't live without it, and then I buy 1/4 metre and never cut into it :)
    I'll be in NS in less than 6 weeks! WooHoo! Warm it up there a bit, okay? Thanks :)

  4. for the good lord's sake! I hope we get some warmer weather long before you get here, but just in case, bring an extra bag with some sunshine. I really wanna start planing something.

  5. Love your fabric finds. Happy Late Birthday. Looks like you were well feted, and fed.