Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crafty Flashback

As my attention these past 3-4 weeks has NOT been on creating or sewing, (just the bare minimum for Bday presents) I'm following Laura's lead on looking back on the month of May in my previous years of creating and playing.

Last year, I was busy packing, packing, packingpackingpackingpackingpacking.

May 2011
found lots of activity. Some tunisian crochet, new purse design, teapot cozy from sweater ribbing,

Early May 2011 lots of needle felting with penguins! A parade of penguins.

May 2010 check out the sheep fleece I obtained for only $10!! Look how dirty it is! I only washed half of it and I think I ended up giving that away later.

Some needle felting, adding skirts to Neve's tshirts, Pom Pom Skirts, and a trip to the Riverdale farm for May Day! I was so entranced by it all.

May 2009 This year was a treat. I was transitioning from card making to sewing. And boy, did I ever sew a lot of the same bag! I loved the Ikea fabric in them.

There are some cards AND a kid craft activity. those were the days when I actually planned daily or every other day crafts for my kids. They don't quite go for it anymore and lose interest in stuffing a softie that they requested I make. Ah, growing up.

May 2008 Saw us on a trip to the Pittsburg zoo, lots of card making

 and our first trip to Portugal! 

Oh and my 40th birthday.

August 2007 I really started blogging in August of 2007. With Paper Crafting.  I was into the shrink art for sure.

I made wine charm kits, a tooth fairy kit and first haircut kit using tins form Lee Valley. 

 Some One Sheet Wonders and even a set of Christmas Cards. In August.

So there you go. 6 years! Of May crafting. 

I thought this would be a quick post, but no, it turned into a trip down memory lane.
See how I've grown and changed. How my children have grown and changed and where it all has led to our life here. All good stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That was fun and very cool. So interesting to look back. I wonder what I'd find if I sifted through my own archives. No time to do it right now... but... hmmm... now I'm curious to see what's there!!!

    Thanks for the invitation to join you down memory lane --