Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick Last Minute Valentine Dessert

SO... feeling like I've not kept up my Valentine-ish status for the kids this year.
I gave them "STORE BOUGHT" valentines to give out. 
I offerend my son, who's 10 and in grade 4 the option of home made or bought. He wanted homemade, but I was in the Valentine Aisle at Target and it was just so easy to pick it up.
So I did. 
His response... "I feel like I'm being cheap by giving store bought ones" He is trained well eh?
Anyhow, they had tattoos in them, so he got over it.

Anyhooo.. Here's a little last minute thing I've whipped up to go along with the store bought fried chicken I'm giving them for supper. Can't win them all kid.

Home made Ice cream. It was requested last week. Here ya go.

 "Strawlbellies" (as my young daughter called them) cut into heart shapes.
 Lined a clear bowl with them.
 Sprayed the bowl with water and put in the freezer to help keep them on the sides.
I don't know if this really worked, as I didn't really keep it in the freezer all that long.
I was just careful when I put the ice cream in. 
 As it just came from the Ice cream maker, it was not solid, so it was easy to put in the bowl.
Maybe it was a little too melty.
 Decorated the top. 
Was thinking after, that if I had turned my strawberries upside down, I could turn the bowl over and remove it from the bowl. Pour a bit of pepper and balsamic vinegar over it and call it done.
Kinda like this one!
But instead, I'm going to make home made hot fudge sauce.
Maybe this one.
Whatever you do...
hope there's chocolate!


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