Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Matching Bomber Hat and Mittens

I offered up this set for our Yacht Club's auction.
yeah, too bad about the seam in the back ( the blue stripe not lining up) Does it drive you nuts too?
Lined with the softest cabled cashmere.
Mitts and hat from one sweater. Even the string was from the sleeve. Bonus
oo, the green below is a little brighter than my actual wall. I wanted to show you the bunting from Target. They had some birds and trees that were cool too. Love me some felted wool.
While we're at it.. here is a pic of my newly painted living room.
Soft blue. Pale Sky, as the colour was called. Don't you love my light fixture!?? I'm waiting until the right one comes along. I think the disco balls are enough to distract you from the real gore.
And the piano. There are many different shades of the blue in this room. 
Only one small window, but a few other door openings.
This.. this was a full bowl of popcorn. I ate the whole thing. 
This was the largest bowl of the set. I ate the whole thing. 
My stomach is ill.
The popcorn is the best ever. White kernels from Bulk Barn. No nasty kernels. Pops quickly and is truly white. Except when you pour brown butter all over it. Yum
Timer for the banana bread is calling me.
Have a good one.

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