Sunday, February 16, 2014

a Perfect Stormy Sunday.

Blah weather.
Church was cancelled. Roads were too icy for the priest to come from a neighbouring town.
 Felt like a snow day. 
THEE best snow day, as my husband was home.
He cooked.
 Kids were occupied. Origami was the focus of the day.
I love when you set something out on the table and the kids go back to it during the day.
What else does this table show...
A little guitar playing, movie making and iPad playing. 
Face timing with friends from Toronto. 
 Ooooo, lookie here....
a little sewing. For . Me. First time in a long time.
 The cushion on the left is the original cushion.
The one on the right is a cover. 
 The one below is what I made. 
A little applique. 
To go with the motif on the carpet and in the lamp shade.
 The branch was stitched with the Stretch stitch on A setting. The thread was a silky one.
Right now, DH is working away in the kitchen on turkey dinner. We're having company.
So I must go set up the tables and appetizers.

Maybe later, if I'm lucky, I'll get to work on the heel for these new socks.
 Now that.... THAT was a good Sunday.



  1. Love your pillow covers. You are so generous sharing closeups of your work. You are right about the art attacks the kids have. Just leave materials out and their brains and hands get creative. Must pull some knitting out too. You are an inspiration.

    1. ah thanks Bonnie. I just love the Stretch stitch. And so happy the silky thread contrasted well.
      I'm on my last pair of socks for me for a while. Must find a pattern for kid sizes. Neve wants some. And they won't take as long to knit. What are you knitting?