Sunday, December 30, 2012

This past week....

We've had a great week. It started with a bit of this...
 Caught only 2 days before just outside the harbour here. Fresh, full and yummy. It was a bit of a sad day though. You see, My son has decided that he likes the whole lobster. That leaves less for me to eat and I have to share more! :}

Here is the tree waiting for all the relatives to come!
 And come they did! 18 for supper and 14 overnight. It was so nice to host my family for Christmas! Only a few pictured here. Thanks for coming guys!
 Last night it snowed! in Shelburne- the banana climate of NS! 
 The kids went outside to play 3 times today. Even in the dark. I used to love playing in the snow int he dark. My favourite was to lie under a street lamp and watch the snow falling. Hay bales at the base of the trees to remind us of a great sledding hill in Toronto that does the same thing. They sure come in handy.
 Just as dusk was coming, I went to help make a snowman. It was nice a warm out there.
Movie snow! Green grass!
Tomorrow, we shall be having our annual Raclette for New Year's Eve!
Rafael is a little sad to say goodbye to 2012 tomorrow "because it was such a fun year!" Now that was nice to hear from a boy who had a little difficulty adjusting to a new home. I think he's finally here now.
Hope you have a good end of the year and many blessings to you all! 
Thank you for stopping by to visit!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweater cushion cover

I bought this sweater on one of my sweater hunts. It wasn't suitable for felting and there were sequins. Not really mitten material, but I couldn't resist. I even tried to convince myself it was fine to wear, but the shape was all wrong. It sat in my pile, waiting for something good. 

 That something was a pillow cover.
I was looking through my stash for a back. An envelope style was what I had in mind. This sweater fit the bill. But look, there are buttons! I don't have to make an envelope at all!
 With a bit of measuring and cutting, I put fabric right sides together.

 Sewed it up, undid the buttons, slid the pillow in and  Voila... a cushion cover. With pockets.
 Matches the decor just fine.
 Here's a picture of that tree we cut so many weeks ago. It looked so small on the wood lot. The trunk is quite curvy throughout which was perfectly fine to fit under the angle of the stairs.
Hoping the kids and DH will go skating today so that I can do some secret sewing of the Christmas PJs. The first annual? Maybe.
Oh and to make some more egg nog ice cream. And that flourless chocolate cake I've been wanting to try. And the savoury shortbreads. Where did I put that recipe?
Have a good one,

Saturday, December 22, 2012

popping in

Thought I'd pop in for a little hello.
I've been busy making and doing and only have a few manageable things left for Christmas day. Oh, plus the cleaning etc. All good though. Kids are excited, found things to do on a screen free day. it's hard the last few days before Christmas when all the toys of Christmas Past pale in comparison to the anticipation of what's to come. They found a game given at a birthday past that hadn't been played. I couldn't wrap my head around it. But Daddy taught them how to play and it has been a favourite. I think now that they are older and into math, it has helped.

My immediate family will be celebrating with us this year. I'm so excited. We will be starting some new traditions because of the fact we are in a new place, I don't have to sing 3 church services. (There aren't even 3 services to go to.) DH's Portuguese tradition of family gathering on Christmas Eve won't happen here, although, we will be having cod. And we will be thinking of them. Wonder if they have facetime?

After the rush of it all, I'm looking forward to reading by the fire. 

I really had to scrounge around my photos to find these. I've not used a camera in a while. Have to fix that.

Have a good one and thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to stop here!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

finger puppets

A friend challenged me to finish my finger puppet collection so that she could give it to her nephew. I like challenges like that. 
Here is Mr. Hip-O!
 My elephant needs a lot of work. Especially in the eye department, but I forgot I needed 5 and made this the next day when I was not in the groove. Improvements to follow.
 Penguin ready to slip and fall. He's double sided.
 And they are all together. You can see the lion and monkey hiding out, stepping back from the limelight for their new friends. 
 And a few other friends
 with hearts. ( pattern from "More Softies Only a Mother Could Love")

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bird bags and some soap

Yes, I could work on my title a little more.
Here is an order I've had since this summer. This family has a bird theme, so I put them where I could.
 THis delightful fabric is from Ikea. Oh so many years ago. It is only one square of a panel of many birds and berries.
 I think I actually  bought this fabric at the Ikea in Portugal. Yes, we went to Ikea in Portugal. It was a very hot day and there was no river or beach near by. I cut this felt bird with my cuttlebug and a die.
 More vintage Ikea fabric and a larger bird. They are adhered using heat and bond. The bags are lined.
 I've had an epiphany on the soap felting thing! The one in the middle was free handed felting. the yellow ones... My new discovery and will be hence ever more utilized.... Needle felt (in this case, i had some wet felted from a project gone wrong) a square piece, cut out the shape, then needle felt it to the soap. My Gawd, it has changed my soap felting career forever. I think I may even be excited to make more!
So just a few more orders to do and I can concentrate on making some things for my wee ones. I took this morning off to decorate a little more. Still much to do, but I'm in a happy place.
Hope you are too.

Monday, December 10, 2012

2 days of elfing

On Saturday, the elf took his friends for a ride. Looks like his little gnome friend is on a short lease though.
 On Sunday, he invited a few friends to tea. 
 Looks like gnomie picked up a little pink lady in the bottom right corner. Must have been the fancy sports car.
Wanna cup?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Craft sale

I'll be at the Ingomar Craft Bazaar, 10-2, Fire Hall. Saturday, Dec. 8.

See you there?

Elf on a lamp?

Wha? Look at this guy, swinging from the lamp shade. Looks like he got a piercing too!
 OH, those boys are with him again. The look out team is looking a little worse for wear.
I don't know how much longer Gingerbread man will last. He lost his leg, but still has his head about him.
 And those marshmallows are useful to make a ladder!
Hope he doesn't get a head rush when he gets down.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf in the bowl

While waiting for our own copy of Elf on the Shelf from the Whirligig Book Shop, we've decided to use the one I bought at the Library sale. I think he may be the original. Ho cute. He is named Elfiedude.

His first night here was not a messy one. Just a soak in a marshmallow jacuzzi with a few of his new friends. 
"Back away form the marshmallow. Get your own!"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wooden Bird houses of an unusual sort

If you've been reading me for some time, you'll know I have an uncle who's been with me for many, many years. He's looked after my children and me over the years and is like the 5th person in our family. We're no longer just an 8 minute walk from each other, but facetime and emails help. 
You may remember the Uncle's Faery cottage he made a few years ago.
Finally, he's answered his calling and has been creating these amazing bird houses from reclaimed wood.
 He's also likes succulents and mosses.

 Aren't they just darling?!
 How bout this little farm house?
 This one has an over growing roof. I've learned in these parts that if your roof has moss on it, it's probably the only thing keeping it together. Do NOT mess with it.
(sorry for poor quality. My fault)
 Bird condo or party house?
 Must be artsy folk live in this one.
 Yep, a fine talent unleashed!
I know I'll be keeping an eye out for reclaimed wood around these parts for him. Maybe he'll even come up to get them.:}
Hugs uncle.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweater trees

With a few bags of sweater bits, I sat on the floor in the middle of it and cut circles. Then some more, 
 then some more,
  until I had a little collection of trees. 
 Sweater Trees. Not sure what to do with the top yet. But you know I'll show you when I figure it out.
 Last weekend, my table was in the middle of the aisle. It's the first time I had such, so had to rethink and set the table as a walk around.
Kiddie things and ornaments on one end...
 Sweater things on the other. Some heat sacks, water bottle covers, puppets and mittens.
 My wood bin was very colourful. Felt-ful! Hair clips, felted acorns, tooth fairy bags
 Here is a shot of my mittens at the Whirligig Bookstore. Sadly, these mittens are all gone. And so endeth my wool mittens. However, I'm ready to start a new line for my next sale in Ingomar, Dec. 8. Cotton mittens with cashmere or merino lining. Coming soon.
Have a good one,