Sunday, December 30, 2012

This past week....

We've had a great week. It started with a bit of this...
 Caught only 2 days before just outside the harbour here. Fresh, full and yummy. It was a bit of a sad day though. You see, My son has decided that he likes the whole lobster. That leaves less for me to eat and I have to share more! :}

Here is the tree waiting for all the relatives to come!
 And come they did! 18 for supper and 14 overnight. It was so nice to host my family for Christmas! Only a few pictured here. Thanks for coming guys!
 Last night it snowed! in Shelburne- the banana climate of NS! 
 The kids went outside to play 3 times today. Even in the dark. I used to love playing in the snow int he dark. My favourite was to lie under a street lamp and watch the snow falling. Hay bales at the base of the trees to remind us of a great sledding hill in Toronto that does the same thing. They sure come in handy.
 Just as dusk was coming, I went to help make a snowman. It was nice a warm out there.
Movie snow! Green grass!
Tomorrow, we shall be having our annual Raclette for New Year's Eve!
Rafael is a little sad to say goodbye to 2012 tomorrow "because it was such a fun year!" Now that was nice to hear from a boy who had a little difficulty adjusting to a new home. I think he's finally here now.
Hope you have a good end of the year and many blessings to you all! 
Thank you for stopping by to visit!

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