Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweater cushion cover

I bought this sweater on one of my sweater hunts. It wasn't suitable for felting and there were sequins. Not really mitten material, but I couldn't resist. I even tried to convince myself it was fine to wear, but the shape was all wrong. It sat in my pile, waiting for something good. 

 That something was a pillow cover.
I was looking through my stash for a back. An envelope style was what I had in mind. This sweater fit the bill. But look, there are buttons! I don't have to make an envelope at all!
 With a bit of measuring and cutting, I put fabric right sides together.

 Sewed it up, undid the buttons, slid the pillow in and  Voila... a cushion cover. With pockets.
 Matches the decor just fine.
 Here's a picture of that tree we cut so many weeks ago. It looked so small on the wood lot. The trunk is quite curvy throughout which was perfectly fine to fit under the angle of the stairs.
Hoping the kids and DH will go skating today so that I can do some secret sewing of the Christmas PJs. The first annual? Maybe.
Oh and to make some more egg nog ice cream. And that flourless chocolate cake I've been wanting to try. And the savoury shortbreads. Where did I put that recipe?
Have a good one,

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