Saturday, February 28, 2015

sweater owl

I made a new owlie out of a very happy sweater...
 It's the same pattern as this one.
 The photos from my new cell phone BITE! The colour of this sweater is very bold.
But this guy is still willing to give you a hug.
Well, he's probably giving a hug to some lucky winner.
He was sent to an auction last night.
Be sure that there will be a few more of these for sale in May at the Fire Hall Craft Sale!!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

another day of needle felting

Oh Look! More Snow!
This week saw Monday as a holiday-Heritage day, Tuesday was a snow day- no school, Wednesday Neve stayed home because she was sick, today- half a school day due to impending weather.
 And it hasn't stopped snowing since 5:30 this morning. 
Over that period of time, Rafael went crazy on the needle felting.
Big and small
 Even my uncle tried it out!
 I'm feeing too blah to say much more. And my feet hurt. 
The kids are playing a massive game of cards with a twist.
They have the deck of cards in the middle of the den area=big long space on the 2nd floor.
They each run to an end and meet in the middle to turn over the cards for their play.
Much stomping and heaving breathing. 
And imagination.
And exercise indoors that this mama can approve of.
I need to get lost in something on Netflix. :}

Have a good one.

Monday, February 16, 2015

how to pass the snow days away...

Day two of snow higher than a rhinoceros. 
Yesterday was Sunday, so that's ok. I managed to clear up enough to enjoy day 2-today of snowed in.
I've been threatening to do needle felting every storm day. Today was it!
(oh, I don't drink soda pop, but Propeller Ginger Beer, pictured int he back,  is my most favourite. It's made by Propeller Brewing Co. in Halifax. It's so gingery that it makes me sneeze and burns in my ears. I love it. 
If my husband ever gets a free tank at his work, Boxing Rock Brewing Co., 
he promises me to make a batch of Ginger Beer soda.)
 Neve made a dog from Wool Toys and Friends
 She made it a little bigger and added spots. The original was to fit in a pocket of a felt picture.
 I had some fun making this here frog from Wool Buddies
 with big googley eyes
 and polka spots
 I also finished off my socks! Hurrah! Spent time with my boy watching Harry Potter #4
 Here is a sad picture of our wood pile. It's only the middle of February people!
We don't have enough wood.
We do have oil heat, so not a huge panic, just huge $$
 All of our 5 doors were snowed in. And they open outward.
We just left this one for now. But I must shovel it out before it freezes. 
Don't want to have to deal with all of that melt off.
 Look way in the back to the left of the pole. There is a green handled pitch fork in the ground there.
See it? no? under the snow.
 And under the snow is all of the potential food for the deer. Poor things.
They have been in our yards eating the bark off the trees and my holly bush. grr.
There haven't been any tracks since the storm, so I don't know what they are eating these past few days.
yes, a lot of snow. We are all fine.
 At least we didn't have all the rain and flooding in Halifax 
or power outages in the Annapolis Valley area. 
I do hope there is school tomorrow though. 
I have to work.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Remote Control Owl...holder

Did I ever tell you that I love custom orders? 
Well, I had just that and what I love even more is a day to play with a new pattern.
The request was to take this pattern and make this:
 An owl to hold remote controls!

the original pattern had the owl at 20 inches high and 15 inches wide!! 
Dasalotta pillow!
I reduced the pattern to 65%
 I liked the boxed bottom.
 And I love looking at a clean stitch on felt. Ahhhh. this is a stress reliever to me.

I hope to make another one in denim. oh yes.

And here is a bird photo from a new feeder on the other side of the house.
Just cause.
Well, after 4.5 snow days=no school days in the past 2 weeks, this mama is ready to go out for an evening of adult conversation. Yay for the new local watering hole with live entertainment.
Now if he would just get me some orange pop. Ha.

Have a good one,