Friday, February 6, 2015

Remote Control Owl...holder

Did I ever tell you that I love custom orders? 
Well, I had just that and what I love even more is a day to play with a new pattern.
The request was to take this pattern and make this:
 An owl to hold remote controls!

the original pattern had the owl at 20 inches high and 15 inches wide!! 
Dasalotta pillow!
I reduced the pattern to 65%
 I liked the boxed bottom.
 And I love looking at a clean stitch on felt. Ahhhh. this is a stress reliever to me.

I hope to make another one in denim. oh yes.

And here is a bird photo from a new feeder on the other side of the house.
Just cause.
Well, after 4.5 snow days=no school days in the past 2 weeks, this mama is ready to go out for an evening of adult conversation. Yay for the new local watering hole with live entertainment.
Now if he would just get me some orange pop. Ha.

Have a good one,

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