Thursday, February 19, 2015

another day of needle felting

Oh Look! More Snow!
This week saw Monday as a holiday-Heritage day, Tuesday was a snow day- no school, Wednesday Neve stayed home because she was sick, today- half a school day due to impending weather.
 And it hasn't stopped snowing since 5:30 this morning. 
Over that period of time, Rafael went crazy on the needle felting.
Big and small
 Even my uncle tried it out!
 I'm feeing too blah to say much more. And my feet hurt. 
The kids are playing a massive game of cards with a twist.
They have the deck of cards in the middle of the den area=big long space on the 2nd floor.
They each run to an end and meet in the middle to turn over the cards for their play.
Much stomping and heaving breathing. 
And imagination.
And exercise indoors that this mama can approve of.
I need to get lost in something on Netflix. :}

Have a good one.

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  1. Your kids are growing up with so many creative opportunities. They will always have an outlet to go to as adults when work is done. Must try some needle felting sometime. Bit that would likely add to my collection of UFOs and the associated equipment. One thing for sure....snow days are never wasted time at your house.